Customized Breakdown

Every Nutrition Program comes with a clients individualized Macronutrients, both for Training Days and Off Days. Depending on the plan type purchased, you will also have attached sample meal plans for both days as well to take out the guess work. In addition, we also send out a simple how-to ‘crash course’ guide on how to become flexible with your own eating habits beyond the duration of your purchased program. We take into account not only your short-term goals, but long-term sustainability as well.

Top Notice Training

Set yourself apart from the average herd of gym goers constantly wandering around the gym simply lost without a clue. Our programs are designed to give you a detailed approached on exactly what to do on what days, how to perform each exercise, and how you should be targeting each muscle group. From the beginner to the most advanced athletes, our programs are geared towards your goals. We recommend you have at least 1 year of experience when purchasing a Training Program.

100% Accountability

Once you become a client of ours you are required to submit weekly or bi-weekly updates via email. We do this to hold you accountable for the entire duration of your program. This is how we access your results, set new goals, and make any necessary adjustments to any of the programs you’ve purchased to ensure continued progress. All Online Clients will also receive FREE access to our Premier Members section for entire duration of your program.

Unique To Your Goals!

Our Online Training and Nutrition Programs are an excellent choice for anyone, from the beginner to the advanced athlete, who wants to change their body and establish healthy eating habits. Your plan will be designed specifically for you, according to your goals, schedule and individual needs.

Take Your Programs Anywhere!

All of our Online Program can be easily accessible from any desktop or modern smartphone. We only send our emails with beautifully attached .pdf files so that you may save them any which way you’d like. You can take our programs from your work office, to your home, to out to eat, hitting the gym, or simply when on-the-go.

24/7 Community Support!

Join our fast growing online community made up of people just like you who are working toward achieving their fitness goals. Create your online account today take your training to the next level! And it’s absolutely free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens After I Purchase A Program?

Once payment is received you will then be sent a questionnaire from Joe[@] with a few new client instructions. You will answer a series of simple questions at the link we send to you. Once everything required has been submitted on your end, we will create your program off of your answers, your workouts, meals, cardio etc will all be designed and tailored to you based on your given answers.

Please allow 5 – 7 business days for your plan to be completed and sent to you via email. These are not simple cookie-cutter programs, they require time and attention to detail.

After your plan is completed and sent to you via email, we will answer any and all emails associated with your purchase.

Do You Accept Credit Cards? What About Checks?

We do take credit cards right on our website via Paypal Payments Pro, but if you click pay with the PayPal button, you will be redirected to PayPal, there you will have the option of paying directly off PayPal like normal. No personal checks.

What If I Have A Home Gym?

It depends. We will ask you what equipment you have to work with. You will need more than a Total Gym or BoFlex. We can also make some very inexpensive suggestions to you to grab.

Are Supplements Required?

Not at all. I do like to suggest a protein powder but anything outside of that is up to you and if you need help on deciding what to use, I am here to assist you with that. I stay up to date on all the latest supplements and which would bring you the best results based on your goals.

Are The Programs Tailored For Me Personally?

Yes, every workout, every meal plan is tailored directly to you based on the answers you put inside that important questionnaire.  A lot of my workouts are pre-designed based off of goals and experience levels, but I will guarantee I have something that will work for you. If not, I will customize it exactly for you and your needs.

What If I Am A Vegetarian Or Vegan?

No problem at all, we do both Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition Programs.

How Long Can I Run A Program?

That’s totally up to you. A person could run them for as long as they desire, however, it is wise to change your workout up after around the 8-10 week mark. This will just shock your body and cause more change to come your way.

If you feel as though you are not progressing on your current meals, I will work with you on altering those up if you can show me some progression you have made, I can make the meals stricter or we may add in a cheat meal after a few weeks.

When Will I See Changes?

That’s extremely hard to say. Everyone is different, so I can’t guarantee when your change will start, so much comes into play such as, were you currently working out, what were you doing, how were you eating, were you doing cardio, what you weigh, your age, male or female, with all those factors to add in, it makes it impossible to say when your changes will happen. I’ve seen changes happen for people within 2 week and some up to 6 weeks, but you have to stay dedicated and follow exactly what we write down or forget it.

See The Results!

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.