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Group Training / Group Classes

All of our group training plans are packaged based, meaning the more sessions you buy in a paid-in-full package, the cheaper each individual session becomes. Packages can be redeemed for any class that you prefer!

Once payment is received you will then be sent a questionnaire via email with a few new client instructions. You will answer a series of questions at the link we send to you. Once everything required has been submitted on your end, we will create your program off of your answers. Your workouts will all be designed and tailored to you based on your given answers.

You can also complete your questionnaire now!

Current Group Training Schedule:

6:00p TS

10:00a SS

7:00p TS

10:00a SS

10:00a YOGA

9:00a TS, 10:00a YOGA

Group Training Descriptions:

Senior Strength (SS) – Encouraging strength and independence in seniors while maintaining quality of life.
Yoga – Stretching and mobility classes for all levels of experience.
Total Strength (TS) – Run though a lower body, upper body or full body workout in a fun and motivating group setting.
H.I.T.T. – High intensity interval training is a great way to boost your metabolism, build strength and torch body fat.
Bands & Bodyweight (B&B) – For those looking for lower impact workout options, this class will be perfect for you.
Glutes & Thighs (G&T) – The class name says it all. Total lower body transformations start here.
Core & Arms (C&A) – Looking to strengthen and tighten your core and arms? We have the perfect class for you.


The client recognizes and understands fully the cancellation policy required to give JD FITNESS LLC Twenty Four (24) hours written notice for any appointments that need to be cancelled to insure no charged, or the deduction of a previously purchased session as a replacement.