Online Training


You are purchasing an allotted amount of time with your personal coach, you are not purchasing a one-time-sent cookie cutter program. Your program is ever-evolving, just like you and your goals. Constant clientele feedback is what forces our unmatched results, meaning you will be required to put in effort on your end.

Let’s be honest. The appeal of a muscular or leaner ascetically athletic looking body is what gets many of us putting on those training shoes and signing up for pricey gym memberships. But, all too often that initial bursting inferno of desire and motivation diminishes into a puny little flame in no time. This is simply due to lack of guidance, failed results, and ZERO accountability.

If this sounds like you, join the thousands of clients before you and purchase one of our Online Programs.

If your goal is Fat Loss, Building Lean Muscle, or changing your entire body, then you’re in the right place my friend.

Our Online Programs are an excellent choice for anyone, from the beginner to the advanced athlete, who wants to change their body and establish healthy habits. Your plan will be designed specifically for you, according to your goals, schedule and individual needs.


We will create for you unique nutritional and training tools to help take the guesswork off of your hands. Let us simplify the entire process.


As voted Metro Detroit’s #1 Personal Training service six years in a row, you and your physique goals are guaranteed to be in the hands of real certified and insured professionals.


Your physique goals become our utmost priority and we will be with you every step of the way – making certain that you are progressing steadily.


With over 20 years of independent experience, we break free from the corporate mold and can spend our undivided attention on our clients.


If you are a new client you must complete the new client intake form. You can either click the link below or you’ll be emailed the link once your order is completed.

Please note, this online program is NOT designed for contest prep. Please contact us at the Contact page for available Contest Prep options and pricing.




Personalized Training Program

You’ll receive an initial jump-start personalized Training Program designed specifically for you based on your goals, and built around your schedule and available equipment. Your program will be designed to provide the fastest path for you to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you train at home with limited equipment, or at a state of the art training facility, we will design a custom program just for you. Your program will be monitored and adjusted as-needed throughout your purchased duration.


Personal Metabolic Profile

The Personal Metabolic Profile explains in detail how may calories are required to maintain your current weight, as well as how many calories are required to reach your desired goals.

Supplement Recommendation

You are not required to purchase any supplements for any of our programs. Having said that, we do generally highly recommend the use of a Whey Protein and Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA’s) supplements to maximize endurance, recovery and results. These are not required if you prefer not to use them. If you are interested, we will also recommend other effective supplements which could be used to help maximize your results based on your specific goals.


100% Accountability

Unlimited email support is included during your program period. You may send any questions you have and we will answer them for no additional charge. There are never any additional charges for support or consultation during your program.


Personalized Nutrition Program

You’ll receive a personalized jump-start Nutrition Program designed specifically for you based on your goals, and built around your schedule and available food options. Your program will be designed to provide the fastest path for you to achieve your fitness goals. Your program will be monitored and adjusted as-needed throughout your purchased duration.


Personalized Nutrition Plan, If Purchased

ou’ll receive a Nutrition Plan that details exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it for the entire week. The Nutrition Plan is designed specifically for you based on the information you will provide about your goals, daily schedule, food preferences, your past training and dieting history, and your Personal Metabolic Profile. Your nutrition plan will be designed to provide the right nutrients at the right times during the day, based on your personal schedule and your food preferences, to allow you to most effectively reach your goals. You will rotate through various plans each week and we will make any necessary modifications to your program based on your actual progress toward your goals.


Support and Updates

We will personally monitor your progress throughout your program and make any necessary adjustments to keep you progressing toward your goals. Your program will include a check-in calendar to track stats based on your specific goals, and we ask that you provide a short update bi-weekly on your progress, and monthly updates on your measurements. When possible, it is also beneficial for clients to take digital camera pictures, and update their progress photos monthly. We will combine the information from your mandatory bi-weekly updates, measurements, and pictures to monitor your total progress. We will make any adjustments necessary as you go along to keep you progressing as planned.


What Happens After I Purchase An Onlne Program?

Once payment is received you will then be sent a questionnaire from Joe[@] with a few new client instructions. You will answer a series of simple questions at the link we send to you. Once everything required has been submitted on your end, we will create your program off of your answers, your workouts, meals, cardio etc will all be designed and tailored to you based on your given answers.

Please allow 5 – 7 business days for your plan to be completed and sent to you via email. These are not simple cookie-cutter programs, they require time and attention to detail.

After your plan is completed and sent to you via email, we will answer any and all emails associated with your purchase.

Do You Accept Credit Cards? What About Checks?
We do take credit cards right on our website via Paypal Payments Pro, but if you click pay with the PayPal button, you will be redirected to PayPal, there you will have the option of paying directly off PayPal like normal. No personal checks.
What If I Have A Home Gym?

It depends. We will ask you what equipment you have to work with. You will need more than a Total Gym or BoFlex. We can also make some very inexpensive suggestions to you to grab.

Are Supplements Required?

Not at all. I do like to suggest a protein powder but anything outside of that is up to you and if you need help on deciding what to use, I am here to assist you with that. I stay up to date on all the latest supplements and which would bring you the best results based on your goals.

Are The Programs Tailored For Me Personally?

Yes, every workout, every meal plan is tailored directly to you based on the answers you put inside that important questionnaire.  A lot of my workouts are pre-designed based off of goals and experience levels, but I will guarantee I have something that will work for you. If not, I will customize it exactly for you and your needs.

What If I Am A Vegetarian Or Vegan?

No problem at all, we do both Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition Programs.

How Long Can I Run A Program?

That’s totally up to you. A person could run them for as long as they desire, however, it is wise to change your workout up after around the 8-10 week mark. This will just shock your body and cause more change to come your way.

If you feel as though you are not progressing on your current meals, I will work with you on altering those up if you can show me some progression you have made, I can make the meals stricter or we may add in a cheat meal after a few weeks.

When Will I See Changes?

That’s extremely hard to say. Everyone is different, so I can’t guarantee when your change will start, so much comes into play such as, were you currently working out, what were you doing, how were you eating, were you doing cardio, what you weigh, your age, male or female, with all those factors to add in, it makes it impossible to say when your changes will happen. I’ve seen changes happen for people within 2 week and some up to 6 weeks, but you have to stay dedicated and follow exactly what we write down or forget it.