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Caring, passionate, and puts in 150% to your 100%. Certainly the right guy to adjust or change your living habits.

Anothny B.

Age: 27

I’ve been with joe since 2015. He’s made me multiple meal plans and recently workout programs. I wouldn’t be were I am at today without his help. Any questions you have, he is always quick to respond and judgement free. If your a beginner and just want to get healthy or a everyday lifter that wants more, he can cater any of his programs to you.

Jake H.

Age: 30

He has helped me a lot with form/technique and has provided the guidance and support for me to become independent in my fitness journey! Very personable and pushes you to your greatest potential!

Jamie P.

Age: 26

I am 84 and my husband is 86 and we do exercise core building and strengthen at the Taylor Senior Center under the supervision of Joe. He is such a wonderful and dedicated trainer, I used to need the assistance of a walker to get around and he has helped me so much I only use a cane now when I’m out in a crowd just to help with balance. If you are having trouble with weak muscles and balance I suggest you give Joe a try.

Jenny C.

Age: 84

I have worked out with several personal trainers in the past, but I can honestly say that Joe is the best by far. As a trainer myself, I recognized there was much to be learned from Joe. He has taught me many techniques, how to target specifics, and countless numbers of different exercises over the past 2 years. Always keeping your goal in mind, he relentlessly helps you achieve whatever it is your after. Coaching the diet like a professional he will get you there. For me personally, my lower body was the target. My glutes, hamstrings, and quads are stronger and more toned than ever. Joe is a professional master at his craft.

Shelly W.

Age: 53

Before starting my training with joe, I was a little nervous, I didn’t know what to expect. Was even skeptical about getting a trainer, but before he was my coach he was a personal friend and I knew if I were to get a coach this would be my guy. He will give you every tool you need to succeed, diet, workout plans, the whole nine yards. All you need to bring is your work ethic and patience to let the program change your body.

Hunter M.

Age: 21

Joe is an amazing trainer!! I have tried every possible diet, workout Dvds, Zumba, medications, you name it I tried it! Nothing worked, I had a gym membership but walked around unsure how to use the equipment. Joe taught me how and what to eat, what to do it the gym and do it correctly. I like most women were afraid of weights and did nothing but cardio. But after only weeks of training with Joe I lost more weight than I ever have in the past. And I have kept it off and have continued to lose. He did and continues to motivate me mentally and physically. Getting fit and healthy is one of the hardest thing’s to accomplish and it would not have been possible for me without Joe’s help. I highly recommend him!!

April C.

Age: 29

Joe uses new and innovative techniques that are challenging to ensure each session is working towards my goals. I routinely use what I have learned even when training alone. Joe happily answers questions and provides tips which makes each session even more beneficial.

Moe K.

Age: 37

Joe is the real deal. He will not give you unrealistic goals to keep you coming back. I have trained we several other trainers in the past and he is by far the most knowledgeable and attentive. He knows how to work with clients, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gym rat… he will take your workouts to the next level. I started training with Joe with a goal in mind, and I have far exceeded that goal but continue to train with him due to the great workouts I get every training session. You will not be disappointed!!

Moe F.

Age: 38

Mr. DeMattio’s own achievements in diet/training are the stuff of Legend! Who better to guide you in transforming your physique, inspiring & motivating you with skill, expertise, discipline, dedication, enthusiastic passion – and compassion for all levels of fitness and health. It’s never too late to let JD change your Life!

Gary B.

Age: 60

I’ve been personal training with Joe intermittently for a while but when I decided that I wanted to take my physique to the next level I just had to get a personalized JD Fitness diet plan. After seeing the body he had on stage I had to get on his level and start eating right. With the assistance of Joe I now have the confidence to get on stage myself, for my first ever bodybuilding show. So if you’re looking for someone who can help you get that body “show ready” or just ready for that vacation coming up, look no further. Joe truly does know his stuff and is the only personal trainer I trust with my body.

Dan S.

Age: 22

I started working out in my schools weight room. I had a very basic knowledge of working out and a flabby body. I started working out with joe among others, he knew more than just about anyone in the weight room and had a very serious outlook on bodybuilding. After working out with him and befriending him. I started doing the same as he did. We went to lunch and I would notice he was eating a really healthy meal. I wanted to have a confident muscular body like him. So I started doing everything he did. He showed me how to work out the proper way without hurting myself and to gain results. I started dropping weight fast and building muscles.

Eric M.

Age: 20

I am not a body builder and I am not young. I am a 58 year old father of four and grandfather to one. I read about Joe on the Internet and it got me interested in getting back in shape. Joe devised a nutritional plan just for me and when I had questions or problems with it he was an E-Mail away with an answer. He also set a workout program that worked with the exercise equipment that I owned. I never had to wait for an answer to any question and Joe was always very encouraging. I am in the best shape of my life now and I owe it to JD Fitness. If I can make his programs work anyone can. They are very easy and simple to follow. I now feel I have the tools to stay in shape and healthy for the rest of my life. Thanks Joe for all you have done.

Garret L.

Age: 58

In sixteen weeks, I dropped from 223 pounds to 175 pounds using Joe’s methods. His plan fit my body type, and increased my metabolism. I dropped 40 pounds while keeping hard earned muscle.

Andrew F.

Age: 23

I have hired Joe as an online personal trainer to help me with an exercise routine for the gym. His nutrition plan has been a great help to me. He is a great resource–knowledgeable, a great person to throw ideas around with through e-mail, and ever willing to assist me with any workout questions I have. I wish Joe the best in his business and recommend him highly as a personal trainer.

Andre M.

Age: 32

Hey everyone! I just wanted to post on here what I’ve experienced the past 3 weeks. Joe is really really really helpful! I can’t say that enough. I probably pester him with idiotic questions, and he will answer them! My diet is going really well. I have 8 weeks left until my first bodybuilding show and am really starting to see some results! If you are on the fence about getting help in person or online, DON’T BE! Joe is super super super knowledgeable and helpful! What else can you ask for in a trainer!?

Cody M.

Age: 20

I’ve been training with Joe 3 times weekly for over 6 months. I started as a rookie with no gym experience. He’s a great guide, encouraging and helpful. I’ve lost 2 inches in my waist, tightened all areas, increased stamina and feel better too.

William P.

Age: 61

Joe deserves a 10/10 he guided me through a change and a accomplishment ! Doesn’t matter how old you are it can be done. I just turned 50 and asked joe to help me enter a body building comp, as for the future I’m sticking with this young man to help better myself ,give him a try you’ll be pleased with your results.

Sam L.

Age: 63

Joe is my go to for customized meal plans and workouts. He works with you every step of the way. Be patient and trust the process.

John M.

Age: 29

I want to thank you for making a program that actually works, I tried many other ones that didn’t give me results I wanted . Once I started seeing changes , I was hooked on lifting and eating healthy. Now I have everyone asking what’s my secret!

Courney K.

Age: 22

Joe is awesome! I came to him with my list of goals and we nailed it! He focuses on form and making sure you are safe. His diet was easy to follow and I never felt I was dieting! I am truely amazed at the amount of weight I lost while gaining strength. Thank you Joe!

Jen F.

Age: 45

What can I say about Joe Demattio? I don’t know, maybe that he is super knowledgable about his trade, that he is a hard worker, that he is highly motivating and encouraging, maybe that he pushes you to the limits, maybe that he doesn’t make b.s. excuses, maybe that he is one of the nicest people i’ve ever met.

The reason I say all that is because JD Fitness is a reflection of it’s owner. Joe knows his stuff, he has years of personal results as well as clients, including myself who have gotten results by working with him and being disciplined in doing what he says.

Jose G.

Age: 34

Joe has beyond impressed me! Joe customizes meal plans, develops client specific work outs, and takes the time to listen to your wants and goals. Joe has helped me fall in love with weight training and clean eating. Over the past year Joe was able to help me build muscle and lose weight. Joe is easy to contact and gives honest feedback and advice. I wouldn’t trust anyone else in the business! Thanks Joe!

Sadie D.

Age: 23

Hands down one of the most dedicated trainers to clients. If your looking for someone to truly customize a workout, routine, and diet plan then Joe is the trainer for you. Not only advising, but the man practices what he preaches. Competed with him in a bodybuilding show over 5 years ago and hes still terrorizing the weights. Best part of Joe is even when I am having a hard day and don’t want to hit the gym I see the effort he puts in after training clients for 10 to 12 hours a day and it reminds me there are no excuses. 4am hes there… 9pm hes there… There really is no off switch for this guy. I recommend him hands down for any person looking to compete, in a sport, or just the average person trying to get healthier. Joe is your man!

Eric M.

Age: 33

Proper nutrition recommendations and workouts combined… Can’t beat it! The best!!

Tom C.

Age: 57

I would highly recommend JD Fitness for all of those who are looking for that next step in their physical fitness goals. I purchased a training package with Joe and was able to not only train for a specific goal but surpass my expectations. Joe keeps the workouts unique to your training with not only the workout but also a personalized diet program. He’s a very knowledgeable trainer that will make sure you’re pushed everyday and never bored with the same old routine. Whether your just starting out or an experienced competitor, JD Fitness can help you improve!!

Matt C.

Age: 29

Joe’s knowledge base of health and nutrition is very extensive and his work ethic is beyond belief. I’ve had many fantastic conversations about health, dieting, and exercising with Joe and he has helped shape many of my own health ideologies. I believe Joe is an excellent trainer and I would recommend him to anyone looking to get into shape and live an all-around healthier life.

Ken D.

Age: 28

In May 2017 I decided to embark on my fitness journey with Joe. I was unpacking a lot of personal matters and I knew I wanted to keep myself healthy from a physical and a mental stand point. I had heard of Joe’s work through mutual friends and decided to do a hybrid of online and in person trainings. I was nervous at first because I never had a diet plan to follow nor was I sure if I was doing complex lifting exercises correctly.

I made an excellent decision in selecting Joe to put my health back on track. Joe is personable, kind, and he cares about the wellbeing of his clients. Never once did I feel like just a client number to Joe. As long as you care about achieving your goals, Joe cares about helping you achieve them. I don’t just feel like I hired any trainer, I feel like I’m apart of a community in the JDF family.

Brian R.

Age: 28

Joe has boosted my self confidence in becoming a better “me”. He has motivated me to the try and succeed in all aspects of my program. When I think that I can’t do something, Joe is there encouraging me through my self doubt. He is truly a professional. I am grateful for his help in making me a better me.

Anne Marie M.

Age: 52

Best investment I have made in my life. Joe is very knowledgable and always does a variety of exercises to meet what my fitness goals are. 

Mark R.

Age: 53

The one thing I like best about Jd fitness is that he works with you one on one and he motivates you to succeeded and he’s extremely knowledgeable about the human body and if you listen to what he has to say and follow is nutrition and work out plan your guaranteed to achieve the results you want to see.

Alonzo S.

Age: 19

I have been personally training with Joe since January, I’m 49 and he has taken me to new heights in reshaping my body. I have learned so much from him, and as I approach 50 I will be in the best shape of my life. Great guy, down to earth, strong values. Highly recommend Joe!

Mark N.

Age: 50

Joe Demattio is more superior in training techniques than any others! Not to mention his incredible diet plans, it seems like every week someone at the gym is bragging about successful gains or cutting weight. This guys is legitimate, he has guided me through training sessions and has pinpointed the movements I need to perform to achieve my goals. I have utilized his advice and got the exact result he promised. He is extremely intelligent and will not overlook any questions you have for him. I would not recommend any other training other than JDfitness. Great intelligence and even better work ethic. Get with joe and get after it!

Wesley H.

Age: 21

For all of those people out there either looking to lose weight and get in better health or people like me who were looking to build muscle, this program is perfect. Let me start by saying Joe has more determination than anyone I have ever met, he will do whatever it takes to help you reach your goal. After my appendix was removed in March, I hired him to write me a routine as well as a diet plan, and from April until now I went from 155lb to 180lbs. He knows more than anyone I’ve ever spoken to and his level of passion is incredible. Let this guy get you into the best shape of your life!!

Tom K.

Age: 20

I have had such a HUGE improvement since I contacted Joe at the end of last summer. I use to walk around the gym not knowing what to do and just waste my time there. (well if I even went at all) After contacting Joe to make me the work out plan I needed I have seen a 1000x difference in the way I feel and the way I look. He made everything fit into my time I had so I would not waste one second of time. He even spent the time to help me with a diet. I am now 184 when before I met Joe I was 250 with a bad back and a messed up knee. He made a lot of the work outs to help me work on those area and it really worked. I feel much better. Anytime I have a question about anything I just email or send him a message on FB and I get an answer right away. But I cannot say thank you to Joe enough. If you are planning on doing any kind of gain or workout schedule Joe is your man.

Dan M.

Age: 28

I’ve known Joe since 7th grade, and we recently graduated. I noticed Joe had started working out and was getting great results, so I turned to him after graduation because I was unhappy with my appearance. Within one month working out with Joe, he showed me how to eat, when to eat, what supplements were good and WHY they were good. Never once did he say “Here..take this.” He always explained what we were doing, and the reason for it. I recommend Joe to anyone who wants nutritional or physical guidance.

Eric R.

Age: 21

This online training with you has worked out way better than I had expected. Thank you. I have hired personal trainers in the past, and the only thing worked over was my wallet. I certainly don’t feel that way now though; your advice and assistance is truly invaluable.

Nick M.

Age: 32

Being trained By Joe and having my nutrition, and supplementation designed to my specific needs is possibly the best thing that could have ever happened to my bodybuilding career. I have had more gains, and more losses (in a good way) since training with Joe, than I ever have had! His programs are designed and tailored to your specific needs and situations; He puts in account everything down to the “T”. It is a pleasure and an honor to be part of his training, and with this knowledge I can continue this forever and can only gain from my experience with Joe’s training! Thank you for everything!

Billy P.

Age: 27

Excellent trainer, I could not be happier with my results!

Anne B.

Age: 60

Joe is a knowledgeable Trainer with the latest in Fitness training techniques and Nutritional health. I am a Massage Therapist and have had several clients utilize Joe’s Training and within a month I can see a difference in their muscular structure. Clients decrease in pain and increase in muscle strength is noticeable after a few sessions. His passion for teaching proper training is definitely an asset. I would recommend anyone looking for a dedicated professional Fitness Trainer to Joe DeMattio.

Marjoire L.

Age: 58

Great guy, knows everything and anything about working out. Even is able to help people with a health problems/ disabilities, would recommend to any one I know.

Max H.

Age: 19

I’ve had the privilege of not only using Joe’s workout program, but also of seeing how much time and effort Joe puts into his work behind the scenes, when he’s not with clients. His workout plans are customized, and so are his nutrition plans. If you’re looking for a personal trainer who will honestly provide both your gym routine, and your lifestyle with value, it’s JD Fitness. He will work just as hard as you do, to help you achieve your goals.

Christopher S.

Age: 24

Absolutely the best fitness coach in the business. He loves what he does, and I 100% recommend him!

Mario L.

Age: 18

Excellent personal trainer and really knows his stuff. He’s been helping me with my workouts and diets for years now. Recent have been battling a shoulder/trap issue which prevented me from working out for an extended period of time. I went to a few doctors and was told I could need possible surgery, asked joe if he had any suggestions or things to help this issue and within a day after doing various stretches/ways of massaging the effected muscle that he showed me I started to feel a lot better. Now Ive been back consistently to the gym and I don’t have any issues that I’ve had before. Top rated for a reason.

Brandon C.

Age: 27

I contacted JD for my first show ever and he we had only 10 weeks to prepare. With his diet planning, consistent feed back, check ups, and making diet adjustments week by week, I was able to finish in the Top 3 in my Classic Physique Division! Thanks Coach for all the help with more to come!

Antonio H.

Age: 31

I have been working with joe for 3 1/2 years and I’m in better shape at 53 than I was at 20 If you need to learn technique or need some motivation you need to start working with joe it’s never too late to start an amazing workout program!

Helen D.

Age: 53

Working with Joe this past month has been excellent. He has adapted training sessions to accommodate my schedule. He has a good understanding of anatomy and exercise physiology. He takes the time to answer my questions, no matter how silly they are. I wish I had started working with him earlier. The results that I have seen this past month were well worth the investment.

Vivek S.

Age: 39

I’ve been working with Joe a little under 3 months now, and have learned more about dieting and nutrition in these 3 months than the last 4 years. Me and Joe sat down and discussed some goals and diet plans that would best suit me and my preferences. The main goal was to drop body fat. When I started his diet I was around 200 and 2 months later I am around 176. I have tried for months to tone up by doing extreme amounts of cardio and eating less, but could not achieve the results I was looking for until I meant with Joe. If you are willing to put the work in you will see results, I highly recommend Joe no matter what your goal is, he is extremely professional and a knowledge trainer.

Christopher S.

Age: 25

Working with joe really changed my outlook on how to train, and eat. I’ve been working with him for a little over 2 months now and I’ve never been this lean. He really knows his stuff. Everybody needs to be working with him.

Eissac L.

Age: 21

I began the three month nutritional program built by Joe on May 4th. My starting weight was 216.5lbs, currently I am approximately 185lbs. I have a few more weeks to go on his nutritional program, but more importantly I have learned healthier eating. I am lifting more, seeing more definition, and my main goal LOSE FAT! It works people!

Ryan R.

Age: 30

Everybody has the tendency to make the assumption that every personal trainer is the same. Well there’re wrong! I have had my fair share of personal trainers that follow the same old workout routine leaving me with the basic results. Considering I am an athletic female who does play contact sports my physical endurance and strength has to be at its peak. At first I was very skeptical because what would a 20 year old know about working out that I didn’t already know, Right? Well let me tell you the things he knows will rock your world. He took the time to discuss with me what my actual goals were and built my own person training program around my personal goals and schedule. Joe has the ambition and encouragement that motivates you without you even knowing it. Joe always has some new exercises to challenge me with. Like Joe says he will never have me do anything he doesn’t think I can handle, however he will be the first one to put a challenge in front of me. Joe uses so many different tools for example: TRX, weighted ropes, exercises with the machines and even ones he modifies. He encourages not only proper and good work out ethics/techniques but diet as well. If you have a question about nutritional information, Joe has the answer. I consider Joe an open book with unlimited knowledge about nutrition, exercises, and how to get you the results you want as an individual. After training with Joe I now have unlimited energy and endurance, feel healthier, and dropped 6 pants sizes! Not all trainers are the same so take a chance with Joe, you got nothing lose but so much to gain. Are you up for the challenge?

Katrina K.

Age: 25

I’ve known Joe for a little over 2 years now and this young man impresses me everyday with his knowledge. I actually met Joe the day that I ruptured my bicep tendon. He played a pivotal role in my recovery by helping me find exercises that sped up the recovery process without reinjuring my arm. Now that I’m back to 100% I train with Joe whenever I get a chance. The biggest reason that I enjoy training with Joe is the different variations he uses for all of your core exercises. It’s never boring and I have yet to find one of his exercises that doesn’t produce results. I’ve also met and recommended some of Joe’s other clients and after seeing their results with his diet programs he WILL be setting up my diet for my upcoming competition (bodybuilding). Joe DeMattio is a consummate professional who really knows what he is doing. I will continue to recommend him to anyone that may need some help.

Paul R.

Age: 36

For all of those people out there either looking to lose weight and get in better health or people like me who were looking to build muscle, this program is perfect. Let me start by saying Joe has more determination than anyone I have ever met, he will do whatever it takes to help you reach your goal. After my appendix was removed in March, I hired him to write me a routine as well as a diet plan, and from April until now I went from 155lb to 180lbs. He knows more than anyone I’ve ever spoken to and his level of passion is incredible. Let this guy get you into the best shape of your life!!

Zac B.

Age: 20

The workouts you put me through are like nothing I have ever done before. I love the high tempo and the way the workouts keep your blood pumping. I can’t wait to see the results, I know they are going to be exactly what I am looking for.

Mike M.

Age: 23

I just finished a 12 week transformation with Joe and in that 12 week time frame I dropped my body-fat percentage over 11% .. It went from 26.6% down to 15.4%. I will start a my next program ASAP!

Nick W.

Age: 22

I was always very skeptical about buying a personal training package. Joe has completely change that mindset. He designed an outstanding program which made my goal very attainable. I even exceeded what I originally sought out to do. He’s very professional, very knowledgeable and is always looking out for your best interest. He has provided me with great tools to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. I would highly recommend JD Fitness if you are looking to improve your diet or just get more out of your training at the gym. Keep up the great work Joe!

Ashley M.

Age: 31

I just finished up my training with Joe and would recommend anyone who wants to take thier fitness to the next level to consider coming to him for training. When he applied his training knowledge to my routines I was feeling stronger after each workout. He gave great cues that helped me get the most out of every exercise and sequenced the exercises in a way that really seemed to flow well. I am excited to apply what I learned from Joe to my training. I am definitely considering coming back for another training package in the future.

Michael Z.

Age: 24

Trained with Joe for 12 sessions, great workouts his knowledge on the body, what to eat ..what exercise to do to hit certain muscles was very helpful his attitude was refreshing and his personality made it a joy to workout I left our session feeling satisfied and sore…sore in a good way…I joked with him that I wish he knew another number besides 20 reps…lol…If you’re looking for trainer give Joe a call you won’t regret it

Clark D.

Age: 39